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OOO CB “Altayenergobank” (general license of CBR ?1975) was founded on the 27th of July 1992. The bank is one of the Top-200 Russian banks. Altayenergobank is an active participant of Deposit Insurance Agency. National Rating Agency assigned "?-" credit rating to Altayenergobank in 2010 (high creditworthiness, third level). On the 3rd of March 2012 the National Rating Agency upgraded the individual rating of creditworthiness of Altayenergobank to 'A' level, positive outlook (high creditworthiness, the second level). Bank is present in 6 of 8 federal districts of Russia and has 21 regional offices.

The main activities of OOO CB “Altayenergobank” are as follows: auto loans, mass retail express loans, standardized express loans to SME, high income products for depositors.

The main principle of our cooperation with partners is transparency of business relationship. This is a highly important part of sound business process revealing honesty and openness of intensions of all participants. We pay attention to technology of banking operations and strive to renovate software according to modern requirements.

The bank has earned sound reputation among clients adhering to its principles and foundations. This conclusion is supported by low concentration of credit risks. There is no doubt that our success is based on high professionalism of our team. Every member of the team is important for us. Thanks to professionalism of our team we can improve our processes every day and achieve high level of profitability on assets and capital.

Inter-bank “Instant Money” retail lending program

LLC CB “Altayenergobank” is the managing partner of the “Instant Money” consumer lending program. Not less than 100 banks will join the program till the year end.

The main objective of the program is to make cash loans in Russia quick, cheap and available.

The availability implies innovative methods of sales of banking services – outside the bank branches – in any commercial enterprises (grocery stores, household appliances stores etc.).

Russian Post, that has the biggest network in the country – 40 000 branches, is one of the leading partners of the “Instant Money” program and makes the IM loan accessible in each country side.

The number of points of sale will reach 70 000 and the number of activation points – not less than 2 000 during 2012 . This number of distribution channels makes the program socially significant at the federal level, which leads to an increase in consumption level in Russia and GDP growth.

Altayenergobank – 20 years of successful experience:

  • Total assets – more than 15 bln. Rubles;
  • Net assets - more than 12 bln. Rubles;
  • Capital of the Bank - more than 1,3 bln. Rubles;
  • The quantity of the Bank staff – more than 600 people;
  • More than 115 000 customers throughout Russia;
  • The Bank carries out its operations in 6 federal districts through 21 branches and 12 franchise banking offices.

Altayenergobank in ratings:

  • Assets: 200 place; (February 2012,
  • The number of auto loans issued: 12 place; (1H 2011, RBK-Rating)
  • The number of auto loans for used cars: 4th place; (1H 2011, RBK-Rating)
  • Loan portfolio: 148 place (January 2012, RBK-Rating)
  • Plastic cards: 65 place; (1H 2011, RBK-Rating)
  • Deposits of individuals: 102 place; (February 2012,
  • Deposits of individuals (deposits for more than 3year period): 59 place (February 2012,

The National Rating Agency assigned 'A-' rating to Altayenergobank on April 12, 2010 (high creditworthiness, the third level). This rating was confirmed with positive outlook on March 15, 2011.

On the 3rd of March 2012 the National Rating Agency upgraded the individual rating of creditworthiness of Altayenergobank to 'A' level positive outlook (high creditworthiness, the second level).

Key performance indicators planned by the Bank

Financial indicators (ths. rubles)

Indicator at 01.01.2011

Increase for 2011 year

Indicator at 01.01.2012

Loans to corporate customers

3 291


3 944

Loans to individuals

4 882

3 507

8 389

Liquid assets

1 038

1 510

2 547

Other assets




Total assets

9 337

5 670

15 007

Funds of corporate clients



1 629

Funds of individuals

6 894

2 075

8 969

Market borrowings


1 950

2 450

Capital (including subordinated loan)

1 001


1 527





Other liabilities




Total liabilities

9 337

5 670

15 007